The Art and Science of Persuasion

How can you improve your chances for success in anything you do?  You could learn dozens of new skills, but the answer lies in perfecting one thing: Improving your ability to persuade people. You can learn techniques and tactics that work!

This workshop offers insights into the secrets of persuasion.  Persuasion functions as a pervasive force in virtually every facet of human communication, every profession, every relationship.  The subject has been scientifically studied since the 1940s, but it dates back to Aristotle. Some people are highly skilled at it.  Some people learn.  What makes them successful?  What’s the secret? Is charisma a talent or a skill?  Are there covert, subliminal things happening? What are they?

This course is a study of persuasion and the psychological and social forces that influence people to change their beliefs, attitudes, or behavior.  The course will provide an overview of persuasion theories from Aristotle to compliance-gaining and self-persuasion, with applications in a variety of fields.  We will give additional attention to persuasion in everyday circumstances and public speaking.  We will explore and evaluate the ethical nature of persuasion, propaganda and manipulation devices.  By "making students aware of the ways information is used and manipulated, we allow them to begin making wiser, more informed choices.

You will walk away with new ideas and techniques you can use immediately to be more successful at persuading people in business, personal relationships and all areas of your life.

  • Build the foundation: persuasion begins in the mind, your self-confidence.
  • Aristotle’s 3 keys of persuasion: (Ethos: emotion, Pathos: credibility & Logos: Evidence)
  • 20 persuasive tactics you can use today
  • Skills of persuasion: priming, repetition, and the primacy - recency effect
  • What you need to know about people, and how to persuade them
  • Worksheets to map out your persuasive strategic tactics
  • Enthusiasm, exuberance and why they work
  • Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence


Keynote, half day, full day, or three-day program or private coaching